Centrifuges are used to process unweighted and weighted, water-based and oil-base drilling fluids.  The 3400 series centrifuge uses high G-forces to separate fine solids from liquids.  The 3400 is fed from the solids end of the conveyor.  Mud is introduced in the feed chamber through a feed tube and exits in to the bowl via four nozzles.  The 3400 is able to exert up to 2,870 G’s on the mud. It has a fixed drive unit and has customized hardware and software packages that can be designed to meet specific installation and operation needs. With a processing capacity up to 200 gal/min the 3400 series centrifuge offers outstanding performance over a wide range of drilling applications and conditions.

IFS Centrifuges

IFS centrifuges are designed and manufactured to ensure continuous duty and reduce overall drilling costs by:

  • IFS CentrifugeControlling the mud weight
  • Removing potentially damaging solids
  • Returning clean fluid to the mud system
  • Recovering and returning barite to the mud system 

Optional VFD Control Panel

IFS 18 x 58 centrifuges are now available with an optional VFD control panel

  • True Variable Frequency Drive control provides torque-driven preset adjustability while drilling to maximize operating efficiency and improve solids removal